Monday, December 16, 2013


Final Project

The final project for painting class was "Choose an iconic masterwork from art history and create an original that reinvents and responds to the original piece". We should paint our version of the original painting in the contemporary manner.
I chose the "Joseph and Potiphar's wife", which is a Persian painting done by the famous painter "Kamaleddin Behzad" in 1488. The story of this painting is that Joseph, the prophet, had adopted by king of Egypt, Potiphar, and his wife, Zuleykha. Growing up with them, Joseph became like an adviser to the king in many issues. King's wife fell in love with the prophet.
This painting shows the moment that Zuleykha insisted on having a sexual relationship with Joseph, but he refused because of God's commandment and wanted to leave the room. She caught him by his cloak and thus Joseph's garment was torn . Finally, the piece of his cloth became an evidence to prove that the prophet was innocent.
The contemporary concept that I chose for my version of painting, is Black Friday and how people struggle to have some thing for their own. I used some Persian elements and patterns beside modern colors and logos like Tommy Hilfiger and Polo.

Joseph and Potiphar's wife, Kamaleddin Behzad, 1488

My version of Joseph and Potiphar's wife, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Who changed your perspective of art?

Taking the painting class gave me the opportunity to become familiar with some painters. Based on that, I decided to choose painting as the main part of my Capstone. 
Persian painting is one of the painting genres and could catch my attention more after I start my student life here at USA. Of course being of my homeland surrounded by a new culture caused me to think more my own country and culture. 
One of the painters who I could become familiar with her art, is Shahzia Sikander. She is a Pakistani painter which has lots of things in common with Persian painting. " She is best known for her experimentation with the formal constructs of Indo-Persian miniature painting in a variety of formats and mediums, including video, animation, mural and collaboration with other artists.[]"
In my opinion she a successful artist because she could combine achievements of traditional art with modern media and create a unique work of art.   


Knoxville Trip

From the beginning of this semester we were planing for a trip to Atlanta. During the semester Knoxville was added as a B plan. Finally Knoxville had been chosen. 
We went to Knoxville on 22nd of November. We were supposed to see some galleries and  Knoxville museum of art. 
After two hours of driving, arriving there at about 12:30 and a pleasant lunch, we visited some galleries, the Sunsphere, the Chocolate factory. The fun part was that museum of art was closed because of construction. We went to a playground instead. Eventually we ended up with dinner at Cafe 4. It was an evocative school activity for me. 

My lunch
On the way
Each person was taking a photo of other one
                                                                                     Chocolate Factory



One of the assignments for painting class was painting portraits. Students divided into group of fours. We were working on the images in four sessions and each piece had about 20 minutes time of painting.The color usage was different in each work. At the first we had to choose 3 colors and there paintings were made based on these colors, their combinations plus an extra added color. For self portrait we could use three colors plus black or white. Like other assignment the concentration was on light and shadow not making a realistic work of art.
It was actually my first experience of portrait painting. 
Susan's Portrait

Jonathan's Portrait

Hunter's Portrait
 Self Portrait

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Performance Art

From 4th to 22th of November, Patrick Dougherty was at ETSU to build an sculpture by bending sticks. The Sculpture consists of a number of chambers which are connected to each other with small corridors. 
lots of volunteers helped to build the project. I worked there for four days. The first day was sorting the sticks by size and the other days were bending the sticks together to make woven walls of wood. 
It has been a lovely experience for me. The smell of wood and bending them makes me feel I am part of nature.

The finished project

The finished project

Patrick Dougherty

Me in a cold morning of November working between the woods

The reaction of the audiences who were crossing the project were different. Some people just continue their path and did not even look at the piece. Some who were driving a car, were trying to see as much as they can while passing. Some even stop their vehicle for some moments to look more carefully. Most pedestrians were coming closer to say hello and asking what was going on and what we were trying to make. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


My Halloween Costume

I used Origami pumpkins to make this costume

We were invited to Prof.Hounshell Halloween_Bonfire party. We were supposed to make our costumes based on our concentration in art. Unfortunately like other international students, I didn't have access to car to go every where and find my required items. So I decided to use the most accessible material: Paper. 
As my concentration, I'm really interested in hand made art and origami fulfills this goal, so I decorate my dress with origami pumpkins.
Going to this party made me find out there exists so many similarities between different cultures. In Iran, there is some thing like bonfire party on the last Tuesday of the year; but it's not one huge fire, people make a number of small ones and family members and neighbors gather around fire and have fun. Also children wear some wired cloths in order to not being identified, go to neighbors' houses and being welcomed with candies and nuts.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


First Colorful Painting

This is my still life painting. No black color is used in this painting.
Special thanks to Mira S Gerard my painting professor.